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Terrorist Gunman Kills Father of Five in Passover Eve Attack. 

“A Psalm of David. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” (Psalm 23:1-6)
Passover Terror Attack 2014
Israeli police, medical personnel and soldiers inspect the scene of a terror attack near the southern West Bank city of Hebron on April 14, 2014. A 40-year old Israeli civilian was killed, and his wife and son were injured when gunfire was opened at Israeli civilian vehicles on Route 35, near the West Bank city of Hebron. Israeli soldiers closed off the area in search of the perpetrators. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/FLASH90)
A senior police officer was murdered, his pregnant wife (28) wounded and one of their sons (9) was lightly wounded right before the Passover holiday by Arab terrorists who shot them as they were on their way to the holiday festivities. The deadly attack occurred Monday afternoon on highway 35, west of Hebron.
The family was traveling from their home in Modi’in to Hebron to celebrate the Passover seder meal with family in Hebron.
A civilian who was in one of the cars who were shot at told Tazpit News Agency he saw one terrorist firing at them. “He kept on firing and missed. We hit the gas and got away. We saw police on the way and notified them. We then met soldiers and blocked the road so no one else would get hurt,” he said.
The IDF is still searching for the terrorists. There are reports of an arrest made in connection with the attack.
The victim has been identified as Baruch Mizrahi, a 47-year-old father of five children who served in several senior positions in Israel’s military and police intelligence forces. Mizrahi served in the military for 25 years and in June 2011, was drafted into the police force where he served as head of the technology department in the police intelligence unit.

“This is a loss for his family first and foremost, and a great personal and professional loss to the force and the department, to the police force and to the state of Israel,” Mizrahi’s commander said.
“Beyond being a first-rate professional, he was a true friend who volunteered for every mission with dedication and faith, and lent a sympathetic ear to those under his command, to his colleagues and to his commanders. His presence could not be missed. Baruch devoted his entire life to his two great loves – his family, and the State of Israel,” his commander continued.
Baruch Mizrahi’s pregnant wife, Hadas, who was injured in the attack, was rushed to the Sha’arei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem with their 9-year-old son who was in a second vehicle. The son was wounded by shrapnel and was operated overnight Monday and released on Tuesday. Hadas suffered broken bones and after being informed of her husband’s death, was being treated for shock.
According to an initial investigation by the IDF, the shooter approached Route 35 by foot, near the Palestinian village of Idhna. He fired several dozen rounds from a Kalashnikov automatic weapon from a distance of several meters on passing cars.

PM Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority for the attack, saying it is a result of their incitement. Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) said that every terrorist release emboldens the terrorists, and demands the government cancels all future releases, and makes the cancelling of any PA steps at the UN a precondition to continuing any peace talks.
Scene of the attack. (Photo: Yerach Rapp/ Tazpit News Agency)
Scene of the attack. (Photo: Yerach Rapp/ Tazpit News Agency)
Yesha Council spokesman Yigal Dilmoni told Tazpit News Agency that he links this latest attack directly to the release of terrorists by the Israeli government as part of the peace negotiations with the PA.
”The Israeli government is currently engaging the Palestinians in an attempt to get them back to the negotiations table. While we are debating the release of tens of terrorists for no reason, there are those who view this as a sign of weakness: the terror organizations who are trying to resurge and re-enter the dark times during which the citizens of Israel feared to leave their homes” he said.
“Since the beginning of the latest round of talks with the PA, during which terrorists were released, terrorism has been on the rise. 4 Israelis were murdered during 2013, after which during 2012 there were no negotiations and Israel had no casualties at all. We are at the beginning of 2014 and again the terror is responding to PA incitement and its demand of mass release of terrorists, harming an Israeli family on its way to the Seder. We must not succumb to the reckless demands made by the Palestinians.”

Yochai Damary, Head of the Hebron Hills Regional Council in which the attack occurred, pointed out the absurd of the situation, as he views it: “The terrorists executed his attack in broad day light, with no fear. Now the security forces, in an effort to capture the terrorists, are making a house to house search. This is absurd! Our soldiers are risking themselves to catch terrorists who may later be released in the next deal. This ridiculous situation must be stopped,” Damary urged.
“I call on the prime minister and minister of defense not to be satisfied with verbal condemnations and exact a political price for the blood spilled. The terrorists’ objective was to take life and the response should be to add life in our region by declaring sovereignty, building and bringing more Israelis. This is the response to such a heinous crime. This response must be immediate and will deter terrorists from such actions in the future. This is our response to terror – to add life,” he said.



Obama Wants To Build Third Temple On Temple Mount (Caught On Video)

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
See the AMAZING video in which President Obama’s brother (when we say ‘Obama’, we mean Malik) expresses solidarity with a man who wants to build the third Temple right next to the Dome of the Rock – Islam’s third holiest site – in Jerusalem. Making this situation worse for Malik, himself a professed Muslim, is that the man he’s partnering with in this pursuit, meets the standard of false prophet in Islam; this is an egregious blasphemy.
The man behind the effort to build the temple is Yisrayl Hawkins, a cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet who heads House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. To better understand the partnership between Malik and Hawkins, it was reported by Hawkins founded Peaceful Solution, an organization Malik lists as a ‘partner organization’ on his website.
According to the narrator in the video above, during a 2010 speech at the first annual Global Conference on Peace, Malik Obama can be heard saying the following about the third temple:
“It’s easy for me to get with the program because I’m a Muslim, a practicing Muslim, and all of the principles that are within the program are not in conflict with my beliefs. So, it’s easy for me to step right in and be part of the program.”
Proposed Third Temple next to Dome of the Rock.
Proposed Third Temple next to Dome of the Rock.
Aside from such advocacy being blasphemous to his own religion, one month earlier, Malik was in Sanaa, Yemen at an Orphans Development Fund (ODF) Conference. While there, Malik was photographed wearing a Hamas scarf that said in part:
“Jerusalem is ours… Palestine: From the River to the Sea.”
This certainly doesn’t square with his desire for a peaceful solution that includes helping what Islam considers to be a false prophet construct Jerusalem’s third Temple just a few steps from Islam’s third holiest site.
That certainly doesn’t sound like a recipe for a peaceful solution; it sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Malik Obama supports elimination of Israel but also construction of Jerusalem's Third Temple.
Malik Obama supports elimination of Israel but also construction of Jerusalem’s Third Temple.


Mindless Muslim Mob Goes Crazy And Starts Killing People At Random (Video)

Here is a video of Muslims, who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, murder various people at random in Sidi Gaber, Egypt. According to one source, the Muslim Brotherhood just decided to kill random people.
Notice how the crowd looks completely mindless, even when they are dead bodies on the floor. This video shows that Isaiah 19 is being fulfilled, as has been talking about for years.
And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. …The Lord hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit. (Isaiah 19:2, 14)
This is what Obama helped bring, he went to bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and opened the gates of the abyss.


The Ultimate Source of Islamic Hate for Infidels

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Who is ultimately responsible for the ongoing attacks on Christians and their churches throughout the Islamic world?
Focusing on one of the most obvious nations where Christians are regularly targeted—Egypt’s Coptic Christians—one finds that the “mob” is the most visible and obvious culprit. One Copt accused of some transgression against Muslim sensibilities—from having relations with a Muslim woman, to ruining a Muslim man’s shirt—is often enough to prompt Muslim mobs to destroy entire Christian villages and their churches.
Recently, for example, after her cross identified Mary Sameh George as a Christian, a pro-Muslim Brotherhood mob attacked, beat, and slaughtered her.
However, a recent Arabic op-ed titled “Find the True Killer of Mary” attempts to look beyond the mob to identify the true persecutor of Christians in Egypt. According to the op-ed:
"Those who killed the young and vulnerable Mary Sameh George, for hanging a cross in her car, are not criminals, but rather wretches who follow those who legalized for them murder, lynching, dismemberment, and the stripping bare of young Christian girls—without every saying “kill.” [Islamic cleric] Yassir Burhami and his colleagues who announce their hate for Christians throughout satellite channels and in mosques—claiming that hatred of Christians is synonymous with love for God—they are the true killers who need to be tried and prosecuted… The slayers of Mary Sameh are simply a wretched mob, with the body of a bull but the brain of a worm. It’s not the puppets on the string who need punishing, but rather the mastermind who moves the puppets with his bloody fingers behind closed curtains that needs punishing."
One fact certainly validates this Arabic op-ed’s assertions: the overwhelming majority of attacks on Christians in Egypt and other Muslim nations—including the slaughter of Mary Sameh George—occur on Friday, the one day of the week that Muslims congregate in mosques for communal prayers and to hear sermons.
The significance of this fact can easily be understood by analogy: what if Christians were especially and consistently violent to non-Christian minorities on Sunday—right after they got out of church? What would that say about what goes on in Christian churches?
What does it say about what goes on in Muslim mosques?
The Arabic op-ed also does well to name Sheikh Yassir al-Burhami as one of those who “announce their hate for Christians throughout the satellite channels and in mosques, claiming that hatred of Christians is synonymous with love for God.”
For example, Dr. Burhami—the face of Egypt’s Salafi movement—once issued a fatwa, or Islamic edict, forbidding Muslim taxi- and bus-drivers from transporting Coptic Christian priests to their churches, which he depicted as “more forbidden than taking someone to a liquor bar.”
As for hating non-Muslim “infidels,” many Islamic clerics, especially Salafis, believe that the doctrine of “Loyalty and Enmity” (or wala’ wa bara’) commands Muslims never to befriend or be loyal to non-Muslims.
Burhami himself appears on video asserting that if a Muslim man marries a Christian or Jewish woman (known in Islamic parlance as “People of the Book”)—even he must still hate his wife, because she is an infidel.
When asked at a conference how Islam can allow a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman and yet expect him to hate her, Burhami expounded as follows:
"Where’s the objection? Do all men love their wives? How many married couples live together despite disagreements and problems? Huh? That being the case, he [Muslim husband] may love the way she [non-Muslim wife] looks, or love the way she raises the children, or love that she has money. This is why he’s discouraged from marrying among the People of the Book—because she has no [real] religion. He is ordered to make her hate her religion while continuing marriage/sexual relations with her. This is a very standard matter…. Of course he should tell her that he hates her religion. He must show her that he hates her because of her religion, and because she is an infidel."... Keep reading



“The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.” (Joel 2:31)
Blood Moon
Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Sydney, Australia, on 28th August 2007 (Photo: Peter Gaylard/ Wiki Commons)
The world is preparing itself for a rare astrological event that will commence this Passover. A series of four full lunar eclipses in a row called blood moons (due to the red color of the moons glow) is set to occur over the next two years. Two of the blood moons will take place on the second night of Passover and the other two on the first night of the Sukkot (Tabernacles) holiday.
The term “blood moon” stems from a verse from the Book of Joel (2:31) that describes the moon as turning to blood before the an awesome revelation from God will occur. The issue of blood moons has even spurred a whole literary movement of the topic. Pastor John Hagee authored a Christian bestseller titled “Four Blood Moons,” based on discoveries by Pastor Mark Blitz, leader of El Shaddai Ministry, a “Hebrew Roots” ministry in Tacoma Washington.
Speaking on the topic of blood moons, Biltz told Breaking Israel News: “I believe that the blood moons have great historic and prophetic significance just as they did following 1948 and 1967. In the book of Joel it mentions three times about the sun and the moon going dark and in context it also mentions Divine wrath against all countries who want to divide or part the land of Israel. I believe the moons are like flashing red lights at a heavenly intersection saying to Israel as well as the nations they will be crossing heavenly red lines if they do, and God has more than a pen and a phone in his hand.”
The prophet Joel foretells that a blood moon would mark the day of the Lord. Biltz believes that it then stands to reason that some some significant historical events will take place either right before or shortly after a blood moon is seen. To that effect, Biltz is organizing his yearly trips to Israel to coincide with the moons. His congregation is scheduled to come to Israel this year in April towards the end of Passover and for Sukkot in 2015.
Biltz expressed his excitement for the opportunity. “Imagine the odds. A Super moon, that is a total lunar eclipse, seen in Israel, on Sukkot, at the end of a Shmittah year as well! Incredible,” he exclaimed.
Biltz also predicts that once word gets out everyone will be joining the pilgrimage. “Hotels will definitely sell out,” he said.
Biltz’s congregation is no stranger to Israel. He organizes yearly visits and tours, and he is not shy about his agenda for his tour. “I want them to see the real Israel so we go to Sderot, Hebron, Shiloh, Itamar. We visit Military bases and help clean them. We donated $20,000 worth of jackets last year for the troops and hand delivered them,” Blitz said.
This upcoming tetrad (four complete lunar eclipses without any partial lunar eclipses in between) becomes more of an astrological anomaly as it happens on specific Jewish holidays. Previously in history, the last time the blood moons happened on Passover and Sukkot respectively, major events in Jewish history occurred.
There have only been three tetrads in the past millenium which occurred in the years of 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68. While none of these dates coincided with the Shmita year (allowing the land in Israel to lie fallow) as does the upcoming one, each of them followed a major event in Jewish History.

The expulsion of Jews from Spain took place in 1492.
Israel’s  War of Independence War took place in 1948.
The Six-Day War took place in 1967.
The resulting inference has lead many astrological believers to expect great things in the coming few years.
According to NASA, another strange occurrence will take place in 2015. Two solar eclipses will happen on the first day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (March 20) and the second on Rosh Hashanah (September 13). Both of these Jewish dates are considered significant in that they are “New Years” for different aspects of the Jewish calendar.  According to Jewish tradition, the first of Nissan is the new year for God and Kings while Rosh Hashanah celebrates the Jewish new year in the Hebrew calendar.
The proximity of these events all corresponding to important dates on the Jewish calendar is rare and has caused various groups to enter into a spiritual frenzy of expectation of some major events.

The science of the blood moon phenomenon is fairly simple. A blood moon is created by a partial lunar eclipse. If the Earth’s shadow covers the moon completely, this is known as a total eclipse. A partial lunar eclipse however, happens when the Earth’s shadow covers the moon only partially. The earth’s atmosphere bends light around its edge and scatters out shorter-wavelength light (green through violet), leaving longer-wavelength light (red, orange, and yellow) in the Earth’s shadow. This is also why sunsets and sunrises generally appear red.
As is the case with most miraculous events that can be explained scientifically, the miracle is not in the natural phenomenon, but rather in its timing falling out on the Jewish holidays and beginnings of the Jewish calendar. With all of the focus Jews place on  moons and prophecy, it is somewhat ironic that three of these four lunar eclipses are not visible – even in part – from Israel.
The full moon on April 14th and 15th will be the first of the four blood moons. Each are expected to occur six months apart. The blood moons will be quite a sight to see regardless of whether or not you attribute biblical/religious connotations to the event.


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Muslim Stabs Innocent Man To Death In Broad Daylight (CAUGHT ON VIDEO)

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat
saudi stabbing copy
The video you are about to see is not a gangster killing another gang, but a grocery story owner from the Swedi District in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who was upset with his employee, a poor foreign worker from India. So he decided to make an example of him, dragged him to the middle of the road, in front of passerbys, and stabbed him to death, and left him there to die.
The Muslim stabbed his victim, and coldly left as though nothing happened
The Muslim stabbed his victim, and coldly left as though nothing happened
But this wasn’t enough. As the cell phone began to record, from a passerby, the boss decided to come back and hack his non-Muslim victim.
Al-Arabbiya Network, says that such things happen daily, but this time, it was out in the open.
It was all caught on video:
This is how Saudi Muslims see non-Muslims. reported last year on how there is in Saudi Arabia a huge demand from Muslim for the blood of Christians. Muslim terrorists in Syria have made large profits by killing Christians, draining their blood into bottles, and selling them to Saudis for $100,000 a bottle.
We at have dedicated our lives to saving Christians from Islamic oppression. Rescue Christians has actually rescued two Christians from Saudi Arabia. And we have rescued thousands from Muslim violence in Pakistan, and we will continue to save lives from this evil in Syria and Iraq.


The End Times Forecaster

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 06:31 PM PDT

It looks like the USA is getting ready to betray Israel in a major way.

US races headlong for final nuclear deal with Iran - irrespective of program’s military dimension’s-military-dimension  

And Israel ’s response?  

Israeli launches spy satellite after US refusal to push for Iran ’s weapons program's dismantlement’s-weapons-program-s-dismantlement-  

What does this mean? Judgment for the USA . The bottom line is that it appears we are allowing Iran to go ahead with developing a nuclear weapon, even though we assured Israel that we would not allow this to occur. Thus if the reports are accurate it looks like we are about to betray Israel in a major way. In the past when we have done this, judgment has fallen upon us, and I expect this time would be no different. I wonder if 30 pieces of silver were involved.  

The final deal is supposed to be signed July 20th (interesting date), pray that if a deal does go through that it will not betray Israel and will address Iran ’s nuclear military ambitions so that they would be stopped. For I fear that if the deal allows them to continue their military nuclear ambitions, then I fear a major judgment will come against the USA .  

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Did you know that Islam has end-time prophecy? Did you know it tells of a figure who will rise to power and attempt to rule the world with the help of another figure, both of whom will be empowered and given authority by an infamous, supernatural being? Did you know these same figures are also mentioned in Christian prophecy? Did you know Islamic end-time prophecy is the exact opposite of Christian end-time prophecy?
Below is an Islamic video highlighting the the Muslim teaching on the final showdown between Christ and the Antichrist. Before you watch the video, you need to learn some vocabulary. Islamic end-time prophecy has an Antichrist figure just like Christian end-time prophecy. It calls him the Dajjal. But in Islam, the Antichrist figure, or the Dajjal, will return and fight for Israel against the invading Muslims. Who does the Dajjal sound like to you?
Definitions: The Dajjal is Islam’s Antichrist figure. According to Islam, the Dajjal will return and claim to be Jesus Christ. He’ll claim to be divine and He’ll fight for Israel. The Dajjal is actually the biblical Jesus Christ who returns as the King of kings. When the video refers to the Dajjal, or theAntichrist, it is really referring to the biblical Jesus Christ.
The Mahdi is Islam’s awaited messiah. Muslims believe he will come to help them defeat the Christians and the Jews at the time of the end. He will attempt to rule the entire world. The Mahdi is the biblical Antichrist.
Isa is Islam’s Jesus figure. Muslims believe Jesus was a great prophet but they do not believe He was the Son of God or Savior of the world. The Muslim Jesus will “return” and deny he ever said he was God. He will join together with the Mahdi. He will teach people about Islam and eventually direct people to worship the Mahdi. He is obviously not the real Jesus. The Muslim Jesus is the biblical False Prophet.
Read through these again if you have to and then watch the video.
Did you notice when it said that Isa, the biblical False Prophet or fake Jesus, will “break the Cross” (@ 10:03)? It’s also interesting to note that the video refers to Gog and Magog as the people and the areas outside of Islam when in fact, Magog is in Turkey. Has this kind of thinking crept even into the way Christians interpret Bible prophecy? I think so.
The two perspectives:
This can be confusing at first, so let’s look at it again. Just remember that Islam teaches the exact opposite of Christianity.
The Islamic perspective: The Dajjal will return and fight for Israel against Islam but he will be defeated by the Mahdi who is Islam’s Messiah figure.
The Christian perspective: Jesus Christ will return and fight for Israel against Islam and he will defeat the Antichrist.
According to the Bible, who is the Dajjal?
According to the Bible, who is the Mahdi?
In Islam, the Mahdi and Isa are in league with Allah.
In Christianity, the Antichrist and the False Prophet are in league with Satan.
Who does that make Allah?
Don’t believe me, Church? Good! Look it up for yourself. Research it. Wrap your mind around it. We all need to wake up and stop looking in Europe for something that is never going to happen because we’re missing a great deal of prophecy right now and we’re much farther along than we think. The conflict has always been between Sarah and Hagar through Isaac and Ishmael and their descendants [Genesis 16]. It’s being played out today in front of us and won’t be resolved until Christ’s return.
Just as the Jews are God’s chosen people, the Middle Eastern gentiles are Satan’s chosen people. Just as Jesus Christ came from the line of Isaac, the Antichrist will come through the line of Ishmael from where Islam came.

The one-eyed Dajjal

Interestingly, the Dajjal, Islam’s Antichrist figure who is the biblical Jesus Christ, is described as having only one eye. This is similar to the description Zechariah gives here to what many believe to be the Antichrist:
The LORD said to me, “Take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd. “For behold, I am going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing, seek the scattered, heal the broken, or sustain the one standing, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off their hoofs. “Woe to the worthless shepherd Who leaves the flock! A sword will be on his arm And on his right eye! His arm will be totally withered And his right eye will be blind.” [Zechariah 11:15-17 NASB]
Personally, I think this could just as easily be describing Isa, or the False Prophet who is the Islamic Jesus. Regardless, this is just one of the many distortions that serves to show that the Qur’an is the corruption of the Bible and that the religion of Islam is the religion of the Antichrist.


Commentary by John McTernan.

All the news continues to point towards WW3. This cannot be stopped. It appears that March 2014 was the turning point with Russia invading the Crimea. Putin is emboldened by Obama and the West’s weakness and lack of resolve. He is going to push until stopped, which is very difficult to do.
The Russians streamlined their army, and it is now a lean fighting machine. The Russians have resolve while Obama has none. The Europeans appear as cowards and need America to defend them. This all points to Putin moving very aggressively to reunite the Russian empire.
The blood moons start Wednesday morning and I still want to write about this. These moons are not directly connected with the Day of the LORD, but I believe points to its coming. The fact this tetrad of blood moons are starting now, in face of WW3 starting, is very significant. I waited this long to see the world events at the time of the moons. I now fully believe that these moons are warning to what is coming. Remember, the key is they are all falling on Bible feast days with the first being Passover. This is what makes these blood moons so significant and worthy to take as a biblical warning.
The book that shows what is coming according to Bible Prophecy. Order a copy now!
The book that shows what is coming according to Bible Prophecy. Order a copy now!
As events with Russia and in the Middle East, along with Israel, are exploding right before our eyes, now is the time to use God’s prophetic scriptures to win souls to Jesus Christ. I offer the Prophecy Packet, which includes the Last Trumpetnewspaper, free of charge. If you want one, email Dave  Make sure to give your name and mailing address. If not now, then when? Do you believe what is happening before your eyes?
Will the church of Jesus Christ please rise up and be the bold end time witness that God wants us to be!
Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

World War 3

DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S.
DHS study: North Korea capable of EMP attack on U.S. 04/09/14 There is no doubt in my mind that God raised up North Korea as a “rod of judgment” against America. In fact, NK, China and Russia are all rod of judgments against America. I say this because of the wickedness of the nation that once honored God but now mocks and despises Him. Our military is now given over to sodomy, which makes it ripe for defeat along with the nation.
“A long-suppressed report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department concludes that North Korea could deliver on its threats to destroy the United States with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack.The report remains blocked from release to the American public.”
EMP Threat Against America
EMP Threat Against America
Russia debuts new, sleek force in Crimea, rattling NATO 04/03/14 There is no military in Europe that can stop the Russian army. I believe that Putin will unleash this army and conquer most of Europe or they will surrender to him. All trust in America is now fading and it will be every nation for itself.
“As the Ukrainian crisis unfolded over the past month, Russia’s military staged unprecedented maneuvers all along the Ukrainian frontier that experts say showed a new level of speed, agility, and tactical integration among the different branches of the armed forces. In early March, Russian special forces surprised observers again by mounting a lighting fast operation that effectively seized the Crimean peninsula, virtually without casualties, despite the fact that some 18,000 Ukrainian troops were stationed in the region. There seems little doubt that the West is rattled. On Wednesday NATO commander General Philip Breedlove warned that some 40,000 Russian troops deployed near the border could roll over eastern Ukraine in “between 3 and 5 days,” even though experts say that Russian military doctrine would call for a force of at least 100,000 to accomplish that task. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted Thursday that such rhetoric was over-hyped, and that Russian troops were being gradually withdrawn from Ukrainian border areas. He added, though, that Russia had the right to post troops anywhere on its own territory.”
Ukraine launches operation to drive out pro-Russian activists from police building in Slovyansk 04/13/14 This is really volatile. I cannot see the West coming to the aid of the Ukraine.
McCain: Obama Abandoning Ukrainian People to Putin’s War Machine 04/13/14
Marine General Ready for Battle against China 04/12/14 I think that this general is as delusional as Obama.
Why South China Sea may be world’s next hot spot: 04/13/14 China is ready for war with Japan and America.

Israel and the Middle East War

U.S. officials angry: Israel doesn’t back stance on Russia 04/13/14 This shows how deep the break is between Washington and Jerusalem. Israel sees itself on its own.
UN says received Palestinian letters on int’l conventions 04/10/14 I think the world will embrace the Palestinians for a state. This could trigger the all-out war between Israel and the Palestinians.
Pro-Israel Festival in New Orleans this Spring (Video) This is very good and worth watching.
The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), which was established to aid development in the Arab world, has published a new report targeting a nation that does not fall under its jurisdiction – Israel. Nevertheless, this official UN agency, which received over 88 million dollars in allocations last year, has a lot to say about the Jewish state.
Here are a few quotes taken directly from the new UN report titled “Arab Integration: A 21st Century Development Imperative.” We added a few comments for clarification.
“Palestine is still under Israeli occupation which is based on settlement-building and substitution
“The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), which was established to aid development in the Arab world, has published a new report targeting a nation that does not fall under its jurisdiction – Israel. Nevertheless, this official UN agency, which received over 88 million dollars in allocations last year, has a lot to say about the Jewish state. Here are a few quotes taken directly from the new UN report titled “Arab Integration: A 21st Century Development Imperative.” We added a few comments for clarification. “Palestine is still under Israeli occupation which is based on settlement-building and substitution,”
Israeli women do it by the numbers 04/13/14 This is very interesting about the birth rate in Israel. 

Jerusalem Watch

Jerusalem is Not up for Grabs 04/10/14 In the end, it is all going to boil down to Jerusalem. All the wars we now see brewing in the end will head directly to Jerusalem. Right now you cannot see the connection, but according to the Bible this is where all events are now heading.
“US Secretary of State John Kerry has blamed the sudden deadlock in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Israel’s plans to build additional apartments in Gilo, a southern Jerusalem neighborhood beyond the Green Line. This indicates America’s profound misunderstanding of the situation. With over 40,000 residents, Gilo is to be part of Israel under any agreement. More importantly, the peace negotiations have little chance of succeeding as long as the Palestinians demand the partition of Jerusalem.”

Financial Armageddon

Stocks dive as Russia abandons U.S. dollar
Read more at dive as Russia abandons U.S. dollar
Stocks dive as Russia abandons U.S. dollar 04/13/14 It appears that the time has arrived for the stock market and economy. Russia has the ability to do great damage to the dollar. Once this debt pyramid starts collapsing, nothing can stop it.
The stock market dive Friday that brought the Dow Jones Industrial Average to near 16,000 and the Nasdaq to below 4,000 might reflect an accelerated move by Russia away from the petrodollar in retaliation for the Obama administration’s threatened economic sanctions over Russia’s takeover of Crimea.
Russia’s politically motivated attack on the petrodollar could trigger a major U.S. stock market collapse amid a global loss of confidence in the dollar caused by the Federal Reserve’s continuing policy of buying billions of dollars monthly in U.S. Treasury debt.
“The stock market dive Friday that brought the Dow Jones Industrial Average to near 16,000 and the Nasdaq to below 4,000 might reflect an accelerated move by Russia away from the petrodollar in retaliation for the Obama administration’s threatened economic sanctions over Russia’s takeover of Crimea. Russia’s politically motivated attack on the petrodollar could trigger a major U.S. stock market collapse amid a global loss of confidence in the dollar caused by the Federal Reserve’s continuing policy of buying billions of dollars monthly in U.S. Treasury debt.”

Flood, Famines, Fires, Etc.

The Ring of Fire
The Ring of Fire
7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Near Solomon Islands Prompts Tsunami Warnings 04/14/14 The Ring of Fire is now really on fire with volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes.
How long before the volcanoes on the West coast start erupting, and there are massive earthquakes striking major American cities? The West coast has numerous volcanoes and huge faults running from Seattle to the Mexican border.
I believe that the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the West coast will coincide with Obama bullying Israel or the homosexual agenda.