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Black political commentator Calvin Robertson who said Britain is NOT a racist country is BLOCKED from becoming a priest by white bishop as a result

 EXCLUSIVE: Not woke enough to be a vicar! Black political commentator Calvin Robertson who said Britain is NOT a racist country is BLOCKED from becoming a priest by white bishop as a result

EXCLUSIVE: Black trainee vicar was blocked from becoming a Church of England

  • TV presenter Calvin Robinson refutes claims that Britain is institutionally racist 
  • Mr Robinson trained for two years to become an ordained member of the clergy but was told plans for him to serve as a deacon at a parish in London were axed
  • A black trainee vicar was blocked from becoming a Church of England priest after a white bishop voiced concerns about his belief that Britain was not institutionally racist.

    In the latest storm to hit the Church, Calvin Robinson, a TV presenter and political commentator, accused senior figures last night of torpedoing his planned ordination because of his conservative and anti-woke views.

    Internal emails obtained by The Mail on Sunday reveal that Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby asked to be shown examples of Mr Robinson’s tweets amid mounting alarm within the Church over his criticism of ‘bleeding-heart liberal vicars’ and the Church’s race policy.



 The Religion of the Anti-Christ (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Zelensky: Only diplomacy can end Ukraine war

 The war in Ukraine can only be resolved through "diplomacy", President Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

Speaking on national TV, he suggested his country could be victorious against Russia on the battlefield.

However, he added that the war could only come to a conclusive halt "at the negotiating table".

Meanwhile, heavy fighting is taking place in and around Severodonetsk, as Russian forces step up efforts to seize the whole of the Luhansk region.

The end of fighting in the southern port city of Mariupol has freed up Russian troops for redeployment elsewhere and allowed them to intensify their onslaught in the east.

Local governor Serhiy Haidai said the Russians were "destroying" Severodonetsk as they gradually surrounded it.

Writing on the messaging app Telegram, he said Ukrainian troops had repelled 11 attacks on the frontline - with eight tanks among the Russian vehicles destroyed. There was no independent confirmation of the claims.

BBC correspondent James Waterhouse said Russia had increased its artillery and air strikes as well as missile attacks - gaining ground mile by mile in Luhansk while the Ukrainians are forced to retreat.

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The End Times Forecaster With "Is Tomorrowland Here Today?"

 Is Tomorrowland Here Today?

Posted: 20 May 2022 10:12 AM PDT 

Is Tomorrowland here today? The film Tomorrowland may contain predictive programming for 2022, and if it does even though 2022 has already been a rough year, it may get even rougher. 

We all know about predictive programming, if you don’t, you should. It is one of the ways the evil forces aligned with satan communicate their nefarious future deeds. Here are a few examples that I have discovered over the years. 

Here is a very clear but hidden example of predictive programming. Take a look at this trailer from the movie Battle L.A. and see if you can see the predictive programming for the Japan earthquake and tsunami. 

Did you see it? Let me show it to you. Ask yourself; why a blue mustang? Why not red, or green, why blue? 

Where is there a prominent blue mustang in the United States? How about blucifer at the Denver International airport?


I believe the blue Mustang in the film gives us a location clue—Denver, CO—and the blucifer connection also tells us that satan and his minions are the ones claiming the responsibility for these actions.  

FULL ARTICLE AT: Is Tomorrowland Here Today?




Light for the Last Days

Looking at current world events and trends in the light of Bible prophecies about the last days of this age and the Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah

He is the Mystery of Godliness – Tim Coomar

By Tony Pearce on May 19, 2022 09:56 am
Let’s turn to God’s word. So, we are looking at 1 Timothy chapter 3 and verses 14 to 16. Paul is writing to Timothy and he says, 14 These things I write to you, though I hope to come to you shortly; 15 but if I am delayed, I write so that you may know […]
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Conversion Therapy

By Tony Pearce on May 18, 2022 07:56 am
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The Great Falling Away – Revelation 3

By Tony Pearce on May 17, 2022 08:15 am
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 2 Thessalonians 2.3 Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, 2 by which also you are saved, if […]
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"Our Crimes Nailed to the Cross" by Tricia Tillin

 Our Crimes Nailed to the Cross

Wuhan 2.0: Confirmed. The USA Is Funding Bio Labs In Ukraine


How deep is the United States connection with the Wuhan Lab?

NEW VIRUS: Israel Confirms 1st Case of Monkeypox


Israel Confirms 1st Case of Monkeypox; Pro-Israel World Leader Ousted by Left-wing Coalition; NFL Team Owner Unhappy with Game on Rosh Hashanah; Latest Israel News!
World Israel News
US Congress Passes Bipartisan Resolution 420-1 Condemning Antisemitism - Who Voted 'NO'?
NEW VIRUS: Israel Confirms 1st Case of Monkeypox
Australian PM Who Backed Israel is Ousted by Left-wing Pro-Palestinian Coalition

Saturday, 21 May 2022

THE BEAST OF REVELATION - World Health Organisation (WHO) Treaty Coming Next Week - Giving Teeth To The UN BEAST!



WHO Treaty Coming Next Week - Giving Teeth To The UN Beast
Simply stated, in the name of public health, the Biden administration plans to literally hand over America's national sovereignty to the World Health Organization when the next health emergency hits--and such an emergency is waiting in the wings.
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Where Do People Go For Info About The Christian Faith? Bible, Church or Google?
The research shows that most of the UK non-Christians surveyed (26%) go to Google to find out about the Christian faith, while “the next two top ways are reading the Bible (22%) and going to a local church (22%)”.
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Regulator: Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer
Tens of millions of Americans could be thrown into a summer of hell as a megadrought, heatwaves, and reduced power generation could trigger widespread rolling electricity blackouts from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.
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Progressive Educators Warn Homeschooling Is Racist & Too Christian
It takes a true dedication to delusion to survey the public education system and higher education and conclude that homeschoolers are the problem.
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Putin ally says the Ukraine war is a REHEARSAL for a bigger conflict between Russia and NATO and a 'learning experience'

 Micro-managing his failing offensive, top advisors frozen out and food tasters to guard against would-be assassins. No, it's not Adolf Hitler in 1945. Professor MARK GALEOTTI examines the madness and paranoia inside Vladimir Putin's isolated bunker

  • Both leaders’ ignored counsel, and micro-manage military manoeuvres despite not having the experience   
  • Putin has staff, bodyguards and food tasters but senior ministers and aides have been distanced for months 
  • Kremlin's new lasers to destroy satellites reminded Volodymyr Zelensky of the Nazis’ Wunderwaffe
  • Hitler's Berlin bunker may have inspired Putin to have something similar as he prefers video conferencing

    Some years ago, I lived on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, one of the wide, radial roads that leads into central Moscow — and the favoured route of President Vladimir Putin’s motorcade to the Kremlin.
  • Putin never liked travelling in helicopters so the 18-vehicle extravaganza, including outriders, an ambulance and a string of gleaming, black limousines with tinted glass, was a familiar sight.

    Around 45 minutes before it passed, the road would be sealed — and I mean sealed. A security man was stationed in the doorway of my apartment building preventing residents from leaving.

    The Russian president has always been security conscious, but today, on the losing side of his ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine for which he has only himself to blame, Putin is more paranoid than ever.

    He rarely ventures even into his office at the Kremlin now, preferring to do business from his grand, yellow-painted, pillared mansion on his summer estate, Novo-Ogaryovo, in an exclusive suburb popular with rock stars and oligarchs just west of Moscow.

    People come to him if and when he wants to see them. And increasingly, he doesn’t.

    He has his staff, his bodyguards, his team of food tasters and so on, but for months senior ministers, advisers and aides with whom he would once frequently consult, have been kept at a distance. The pandemic facilitated this — but he shows no sign of wanting to change the status quo.



Putin ally says the Ukraine war is a REHEARSAL for a bigger conflict between Russia and NATO and a 'learning experience'

  • Moscow State University associate professor Alexei Fenenko made the claims
  • He said war in Ukraine 'is a rehearsal for a possible larger conflict in the future' 
  • Fenenko said it's a learning experience for Russia to test weapons against NATO 
  • It is the latest example of Kremlin's push to control the narrative of the invasion
  • But Russia has lost over 28,000 troops and thousands of military vehicles and weapons according to the latest data provided by Ukraine's armed forces
  • A Russian political science professor has claimed the war in Ukraine could simply be a 'rehearsal' for a bigger conflict, allowing Russia's military to test and compare its firepower with that of NATO.

    Alexei Fenenko, an associate professor at Moscow State University's school of world politics and a research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies, made the incredible claim yesterday during a talk show on Kremlin-controlled TV channel Russia One.

    'I think the war in Ukraine... is a rehearsal for a possible larger conflict in the future. We are testing our weapons against those of NATO, we will find out how much stronger our weapons are than theirs,' the professor declared.


MONKEYPOX: Doctors concerned over impact on sexual health as the numbers increase daily in several countries now!

 Monkeypox: Doctors concerned over impact on sexual health