Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Dear Sir,

I am a Christian Minister of Religion, but my wife and children are Jewish. Our children were born in Israel, and are from Galilee, like Jesus.
They were both educated in Fulneck School in Bradford, where our daughter also did college 'A' levels. Both children are now lawyers.
Am I to understand that our family is no longer permitted to attend alumnus association charity events in Bradford because of where they were born?

Also, please - as a Christian minister, I am concerned for the Christian children being beheaded by ISIS at this very moment, and the 40,000 facing extermination, as well as for the nearly 180,000 Moslem civilians murdered in Syria without comment from Mr. George Galloway. I am concerned for the 3.4 million Black African Christians murdered in Darfur and Sudan by Afro-Arab Moslem militias, and that, according to the Slavery International website, four Islamic countries, i.e. Chad, Mauritania, Sudan, and Niger, all have Afro-Arab owned Black African slaves, many of them children, again without a peep from Mr. Galloway.

I am concerned for the flogging, imprisonment,and in some cases, capital execution of Christians in both Saudi Arabia and Iran, to say nothing of the civil rights, homosexual and lesbian criminal prosecution, and women's rights atrocities under Sharia in those countries without a whimper from George Galloway. I am also concerned about the widespread clitorectomy / forced female genital mutilation of under-age girls in so many Islamic countries, and the forced marriages of even British-born underage girls in Pakistan, etc. without any protest from Mr. Galloway. I am further troubled about the plight of Christian girls abducted to be sold into slavery by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Tell me, please, will Bradford also be declared a 'Saudi Free Zone', or is it only Israelis who are to be targeted by Mr. Galloway in Bradford for shooting back, while Hamas launches rockets at Israeli women and children and forcibly uses their own women and children as human shields for when the Israelis are compelled to return fire in self- defence?

I was unaware that it was Israelis who barbarically rioted in Bradford (not to mention Paris and Sydney), who hacked a young British soldier with a family to death on the street in London, who spat on the coffins of British war-dead returning to England for burial, who rioted in London demanding the murder of Salman Rushdie for writing a book, who assassinated Robert Kennedy, Benazir Bhutto and Anwar Sadat as well as other men and women of peace, or who blew up theTubes and buses in London, who crashed hijacked airplanes into the Twin Towers in New York, whoshot up hospitals in Mumbai, and who shot four year olds in the back in front of their parents in Beslan, all in the name of their religion. If it was Israelis who are responsible for these savage and diabolical acts, I agree with Mr. Galloway; they should be banned from Bradford. You do not need such evil people in Bradford.

Tell me, please. As my children were educated in Bradford at a prestigious private local institution, are we to understand that, as per the decree of Mr. Galloway, we are now banned from visiting Bradford for any functions because my children are Jews from Galilee like Jesus?
I respectfully await your gracious reply.

Gratefully & Sincerely
Rev. JJ Prasch B.A (hons), CDRS.

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